Animate who is the initial possessor or creator/producer of something, including the speaker/communicator of information. Excludes events where transfer/communication is not framed as unidirectional.

A “source” in the broadest sense of a starting point/condition. Contrasts with Recipient if there is transfer/communication.

English construals:1

learn from#

If the source of learning is an individual (or group of individuals, organization, etc.) who provides information, OriginatorSource applies. Otherwise, it is simply Source:

  1. If we consider subject position as an Agent construal and direct object position as a Theme construal (Shalev et al., 2019; see also Ancillary fn. 3, Recipient fn. 1), then we can add examples like She talked to her editor (OriginatorAgent) and They robbed her of her life savings (OriginatorTheme). Originator does not apply to the subject of events like exchange or talk/chat (with), which involve a back-and-forth between multiple Agents. 

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