A part, portion, subevent, subset, or set element (e.g., an example or exception) of some Whole.

Anything directly labeled with PartPortion is understood to be incomplete relative to the Whole. This includes body parts and partial food ingredients.

Prototypical prepositions include with, without; such_as, like for exemplification; and but, except, except_for for exceptions:

Some can be paraphrased with INCLUDES, but this is not determinative.

Elements and Exceptions#

PartPortion is used for adpositions marking a member or non-member of a set:

Set-membership can be construed as comparison:

The set may be an organizational collective:

Diverse Examples#

In describing a set or whole, a sort of scanning with from...to can be used indicate diversity or coverage of the items/parts:

Start with, end with, etc.#

Along similar lines as #016, with can be used with an aspectual verb to indicate an item in a sequence: start with, continue with, end with, and similar. Here the scene role PartPortion applies (though note that it is a part with respect to another argument of the verb, not the verb itself):

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