[ss Stimulus] does not seem to have any prototypical adposition in the languages we have looked at. In English, it can be construed in several ways:

- [ex 001 "my affection [p en/for Stimulus--Beneficiary] you ([ss Stimulus--Beneficiary])"]

- [ex 002 "scared [p en/by Stimulus--Force] the bear ([ss Stimulus--Force])"]

- [ex 003 "You should <u>listen</u>/<u>pay attention</u> [p en/to Stimulus--Goal] the music. ([ss Stimulus--Goal])"]

- [ss Stimulus--Direction]:
	- [ex 004 "We were looking [p en/at Stimulus--Direction] the photo."]

	- [ex 005 "I was angry [p en/at Stimulus--Direction] him. [cf. [exref 011 Stimulus]]"]

	- [ex 006 "I startled [p en/at Stimulus--Direction] the noise."]

- [ss Stimulus--Topic] is assigned to cases where the PP describes the topic or content of one’s emotion:
	- [ex 007 "I care [p en/about Stimulus--Topic] you."]

	- [ex 008 "That’s what I love [p en/about Stimulus--Topic] the show."]

	- [ex 009 "I took_pride [p en/in Stimulus--Topic] the results."]

	- [ex 010 "I was <u>proud [p en/of Stimulus--Topic]</u>/<u>happy [p en/with Stimulus--Topic]</u> the results."]

	- [ex 011 "I was angry [p en/with Stimulus--Topic] him. [cf. [exref 005 Stimulus]]"]

	- [ex 012 "I was in<sub>[ss Characteristic--Locus]</sub> love [p en/with Stimulus--Topic] him. [cf. [exref 037 Characteristic]]"]

	- [ex 013 "They bored me [p en/with Stimulus--Topic] their incessant talk about cats."]

-  [ss Stimulus--Beneficiary]:
	- [ex 014 "Her disdain [p en/for Stimulus--Beneficiary] customers was apparent."]

	- [ex 015 "He has/feels compassion <u>[p en/towards Stimulus--Beneficiary]</u>/<u>[p en/for Stimulus--Beneficiary]</u> animals."]

- [ex 016 "I am <u>thankful</u>/<u>grateful</u> [p en/for Stimulus--Explanation] your help. ([ss Stimulus--Explanation])"]

See also: [ss Topic], [ss Beneficiary]

Counterpart: [ss Experiencer]