Semantic supersenses are used where possible for genitive/possessive constructions, as discussed in Genitives/Possessives. However, there are a few idioms which require a possessive pronoun that does not participate transparently in any semantic relation; these are designated with the special label `$:

  • I am eating on_ my _own today. 001

  • She tried her best. 002

  • He’s not your average baseball player. 003

  • Billy knows his ABCs! 004

It is also used for the possessive in the way construction: contrast

  • I like her way of eating—it is very polite. (Gestalt) 005

  • She will arrive soon: she is on_ her _way. (`$) [see Circumstance#020] 006

  • I don't want to drive there because it is out_of_ my _way. (`$) 007

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