How motion or an object is aimed/oriented.

A Direction expresses the orientation of a stationary figure or of a figure’s motion. Prototypical markers1 are away and back; up and down; off; and out, provided that no specific Source or Goal is salient:

In addition, transitive toward/towards, for, and at can indicate where something is aimed or directed (but see discussion at Goal):

  • The camera is aimed at the subject. 004

  • The toddler kicked at the wall. 005

See discussion of away_from at Source.


LocusDirection is used for expressions of static distance between two points:

This also applies to distances measured by travel time (the amount of time is taken to be metonymic for the physical distance):

Compare Extent, which is the length of a path of motion or the amount of change.

Informal direction modifier in location description#

Cf. Interval#003 at Interval.

  1. Known variously as adverbs, particles, and intransitive prepositions

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