The ground that must be covered in order for the motion to be complete.

The ground covered is often a linear extent with or without specific starting and ending points:

It can also be a waypoint/something that must be passed or encircled.

  • We flew to Rome via Paris. 004

  • I go by that coffee shop every morning. 005

  • The earth has completed another orbit around the sun. 006

If this is a portal in the boundary of a container, it is often construed as Source, Goal, or Locus:

However, if the entirety of the motion event is simply located, Locus applies:

  • The bird was flying in the house. [The flying took place in the house.] (Locus) 013

  • They were running on the street. [The running took place on the street.] (Locus) 014

The prepositions around and throughout can mark a region in which motion that follows an aimless or complex trajectory is contained. Construal is used for these, whether or not the region is explicit:

See also: Instrument, Manner

Construals with role

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