The size of a path, amount of change, or degree.

This can be the physical distance traversed or the amount of change on a scale:

For static distance measurements, see Direction.

For scalar as (see Comparatives and Superlatives), Extent serves as the function (and sometimes also the role):

Extent also covers degree expressions, such as the following PP idioms:

  • I’m not tired at_all. 007

  • The food is mediocre at_best. 008

  • You should at_least try. 009

  • It is the worst by_far. 010

  • We’ve finished for_the_most_part. 011

  • It was a success in_every_respect/on_all_levels. 012

  • I hate it when they repeat a song to_death. 013

Typically these are licensed by a verb or adjective.

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