Qualitative description of a situation, adding color to the main scene.

Manner is used as the scene role for several kinds of descriptors which typically license some sort of How? question:

1. The style in which an action is performed or an event unfolds, expressed adverbially (canonical use of the term “manner”):#

By contrast, depictives characterizing a participant of an event have a scene role of Characteristic:

2. What + like (what he looks like, etc.)#

See ComparisonRef#025 under ComparisonRef.

3. on a(n)... basis#

There seems to be a construction on a(n) MODIFIER basis where the modifier phrase reflects the scene role being filled. We use Manner as the function:

See also: Means, Characteristic, ComparisonRef.

  1. He reacted out_of anger is ExplanationSource

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