We define **organization** as an established group of people with some social or societal purpose/function; this includes
families, performing arts groups, schools, businesses, and governmental units:

- [ex 001 "employees [p en/of Org--Gestalt] the company ([ss Org--Gestalt])"]

- [ex 002 "I work [p en/for Org--Gestalt] the United Nations ([ss Org--Beneficiary])"]

- [ex 003 "actors [p en/in Org--Locus] the troupe ([ss Org--Locus])"]

Stative scenes include someone belonging to, being an employee of, or being in a business relationship with an [ss Org]; dynamic scenes include someone joining or leaving/beginning or ending an engagement with an [ss Org].

- [ex 004 "I was hired [p en/by Org--Agent] Microsoft. ([ss Org--Agent])"]

Relations between organizations such as partnerships, subsidiaries, and super-organization/sub-organization are *not* covered by [ss Org], nor are general mentions of organizations:

- [ex 005 "My business was destroyed [p en/by Agent] Microsoft. ([ss Agent])"]

- [ex 006 "Microsoft[p en/'s Whole] cloud services division ([ss Whole])"]

[ss Org] lacks any prototypical adpositions in English, but participates in numerous construals:

- [ss Org--Gestalt] with the institution as possessor:

| | |
[ex 007 "the chairman [p en/of Org--Gestalt] the board"]|[ex 008 "the board[p en/'s Org--Gestalt] chairman"]
[ex 009 "the president [p en/of Org--Gestalt] France"]|[ex 010 "France[p en/'s Org--Gestalt] president"]
[ex 011 "<u>employees</u>/<u>customers</u> [p en/of Org--Gestalt] Grunnings"]|[ex 012 "Grunnings[p en/'s Org--Gestalt] <u>employees</u>/<u>customers</u>"]

- [ex 013 "Mr. Dursley works [p en/for Org--Beneficiary] Grunnings. ([ss Org--Beneficiary])"]

- [ex 014 "Mr. Dursley works [p en/at Org--Locus] Grunnings. ([ss Org--Locus])"]

- [ex 015 "Mr. Dursley is [p en/from Org--Source] Grunnings. ([ss Org--Source])"]

- [ex 016 "Mr. Dursley is [p en/with Org--Ancillary] Grunnings. ([ss Org--Ancillary])"]

- [ex 017 "Mr. Dursley is employed [p en/by Org--Agent] Grunnings. ([ss Org--Agent])"]

- [ss Org--Ancillary]:

	- [ex 018 "I always do business [p en/with Org--Ancillary] this company."]

	- [ex 019 "I bank [p en/with Org--Ancillary] TSB."]

	- [ex 020 "my phone service [p en/with Org--Ancillary] Verizon"]

- [ex 021 "For my Honda I always got replacement parts [p en/through Org--Instrument] the dealership. [intermediary business] ([ss Org--Instrument])"]

- [ex 022 "I serve [p en/on Org--Locus] the committee. ([ss Org--Locus])"]

A family counts as an institution construed as a [ss Whole] (set of its members) or as a [ss Locus]:

- [ex 023 "I am the baby [p en/of Org--Whole] the family. ([ss Org--Whole])"]

- [ex 024 "people [p en/in Org--Locus] my family ([ss Org--Locus])"]

For a relation between a unit and a larger institution, use [ss Whole]:

- [ex 025 "the Principals Committee [p en/of Whole] the National Security Council ([ss Whole])"]

See also: [ss Stuff]