An organization/institution when mentioned in relation to an OrgMember, i.e., an individual who has a stable affiliation with that organization, such as membership or a business relationship.

We define organization as an established group of people with some social or societal purpose/function; this includes families, performing arts groups, schools, businesses, and governmental units:

Stative scenes include someone belonging to, being an employee of, or being in a business relationship with an Org; dynamic scenes include someone joining or leaving/beginning or ending an engagement with an Org.

Relations between organizations such as partnerships, subsidiaries, and super-organization/sub-organization are not covered by Org, nor are general mentions of organizations:

  • My business was destroyed by Microsoft. (Agent) 005

  • Microsoft's cloud services division (Whole) 006

Org lacks any prototypical adpositions in English, but participates in numerous construals:

the chairman of the board 007 the board's chairman 008
the president of France 009 France's president 010
employees/customers of Grunnings 011 Grunnings's employees/customers 012

A family counts as an institution construed as a Whole (set of its members) or as a Locus:

For a relation between a unit and a larger institution, use Whole:

  • the Principals Committee of the National Security Council (Whole) 025

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