The ground covered is often a linear extent with or without specific starting and ending points:

- [ex 001 "The bird flew [p en/over Path] the building."]

- [ex 002 "The sun traveled [p en/across Path] the sky."]

- [ex 003 "Hot water is running [p en/through Path] the pipes."]

- [ex 015 "They dance [p en/in Path--Locus] a circle."]

It can also be a waypoint/something that must be passed or encircled.

- [ex 004 "We flew to Rome [p en/via Path] Paris."]

- [ex 005 "I go [p en/by Path] that coffee shop every morning."]

- [ex 006 "The earth has completed another orbit [p en/around Path] the sun."]

If this is a portal in the boundary of a container, it is often construed as [ss Source], [ss Goal], or [ss Locus]:

- [ex 007 "The bird flew [p en/in Path--Locus] the window. ([ss Path--Locus])"]

- [ex 008 "The bird flew [p en/out Path--Source] the window. ([ss Path--Source])"]

- [ex 009 "A cool breeze blew [p en/into Path--Goal] the window. ([ss Path--Goal])"]

However, if the entirety of the motion event is simply located, [ss Locus] applies:

- [ex 013 "The bird was flying [p en/in Locus] the house. [The flying took place in the house.] ([ss Locus])"]

- [ex 014 "They were running [p en/on Locus] the street. [The running took place on the street.] ([ss Locus])"]

The prepositions [p en/around] and [p en/throughout] can mark a region in which motion that follows an aimless or complex trajectory is contained.
Construal is used for these, whether or not the region is explicit:

- [ss Locus--Path]:
	- [ex 010 "The kids ran [p en/around Locus--Path]."]

	- [ex 011 "The kids ran <u>[p en/around Locus--Path]</u>/<u>[p en/throughout Locus--Path]</u> the kitchen."]

	- [ex 012 "The kids ran [p en/around Locus--Path] in the kitchen."]

See also: [ss Instrument], [ss Manner]

The v1 hierarchy distinguished many different subcategories of path descriptions.
The labels <i>Traversed</i>, <i>1DTrajectory</i>, <i>2DArea</i>, <i>3DMedium</i>, <i>Contour</i>, <i>Via</i>, <i>Transit</i>, and <i>Course</i> have all been merged with [ss Path] for v2.