Generalized notion of “whole” understood with reference to a component part, possession, set member, or characteristic. See Characteristic.

Gestalt—the supercategory of Whole, Possessor, Org, and QuantityItem—applies directly for entities and eventualities which can loosely be conceptualized as containing or possessing something else, but for which neither Whole nor Possessor is a good fit.


The holder of a property if the property is the governor:

the blueness of the sky 001 the sky's blueness 002
the size of the crowd 003 the crowd's size 004
the price of the tea 005 the tea's price 006
the start time of the party 007 the party's start time 008
the power of the president 013 the president's power 014

By extension, a possessor of an item in relation to an attribute of that item Gestalt:

The property may be a fact or detail conventionally associated with someone in life for which there is no more specific role:

  • my address; my price range; my home team; my career; my record of accomplishments 016


The construal LocusGestalt is used for a container marked by the adposition:

Discourse-associated item#

A referent temporarily associated with another referent in the discourse and used to help identify it:

  • Sam's dog (= the dog that Sam mentioned seeing earlier in the conversation) 012

Other possessive constructions#

Gestalt is the construal for many uses of possessive syntax where the semantic criteria for Possessor are not met. For instance, s-genitive marking of participant roles (Agent, Experiencer, etc.) are analyzed with Gestalt as the function. Moreover, the s-genitive construction, unlike of, is never analyzed with Whole as the function, so WholeGestalt is used. See English Genitives/Possessives.

  1. The word menu (literally an information artifact) can be read as standing metonymically for the dishes available for order, to be created and served by the restaurant. Semantically, the restaurant frame defines various specific actions/relationships involving the menu and items on it. Gestalt is highly general and therefore an appropriate selection when none of these particular actions or relationships are in focus. 

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