Something described with respect to its part, portion, subevent, subset, or set element. See PartPortion.

Whole WholeGestalt
the new engine of the car 001 the car's new engine 002
the flaxen hair of the girl 003 the girl's flaxen hair 004
the 3 layers of the cake 005 the cake's 3 layers 006
the 3 prongs of the strategy 007 the strategy's 3 prongs 008
the tastiest bit of the cake 009 the cake's tastiest bit 010
the southern tip of the island 011 the island's southern tip 012
the interior of the shopping bag 013 the shopping bag's interior 014
the end of the journey 015 the journey's end 016
the 14 episodes of a TV series 017 a TV series's 14 episodes 018

If the governor narrows the reference to a certain amount of the Whole, the construal QuantityItemWhole is used—see QuantityItem#018. Note that this only applies if the governor is a measure term; it does not apply to distinctive parts like “layers” #005 and “prongs” #007, even if a count is specified.

Used to construe geographic and temporal “containers”:

The prepositions between and among can impose Whole construals by combining two or more items in the object NP (contrast with #031):

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