The party (usually animate) that is the endpoint of (actual or intended) transfer of a thing or message, becoming the final Possessor or Gestalt.

A “goal” in the broadest sense of an ending point/condition. Contrasts with Originator.

English construals:1

Recipient does not apply to events like exchange/talk/chat (with), which involve a back-and-forth between multiple Agents:

See also: Beneficiary

  1. Shalev et al. (2019) propose generalizing SNACS supersenses to include subjects and objects (see also Ancillary fn. 3, Originator fn. 1). If subject position is viewed as an Agent construal, then an active subject of a transfer verb like get or receive is RecipientAgent. If direct object position is viewed as a Theme construal, then She informed her editor is RecipientTheme

  2. While yell at often has a connotation of shouting criticism towards somebody, and criticism would suggest Beneficiary, the Recipient aspect of the meaning is more explicit and essential: yelling from a distance at someone does not imply criticism, and criticism about someone who is absent is not yelling at them. 

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