• Could you walk with/along_with/together_with me to the store? 001

  • Can you go to the store without me? Ancillary#002

  • Can we go to the store together? Ancillary#003

  • I am admiring the paintings (together) with my friend
    [we probably infer that “friend” is paired with “I”, and thus also admiring or at least viewing the paintings, but this requires pragmatics]

  • I am admiring the paintings (together) with the statues (= I am admiring the paintings, and the statues as well)
    [we infer that “statues” is paired with “paintings”, and thus also being admired, but this requires pragmatics]

  • (Together) with the president, the prime minister signed the declaration
    [explicit: president is together with somebody in the context of signing; inferred: president is together with the prime minister, and they probably both signed]

  • I was traveling (together) with my friend/infant Ancillary#015

  • my travels (together) with my friend Ancillary#016

  • I fought (together) with her to cure cancer. (= we fought on the same side) Ancillary#017

  • We were sitting/eating/working together. Ancillary#028

  • The duck and the chick are together. Ancillary#029

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